Saturday, May 16, 2015

Regina A. Walker...Musings

Copyright 2015, Regina A. Walker

I'd like to post poet, photographer, and psychotherapist Regina A. Walker's poem "Musings" tonight as a reminder that The Song Is... and the contest in Mourning and Memory continues.


Sometimes the pain is worth it. 
Sometimes the right thing to do really isn't. 
Sometimes loss is a relief.
Sometimes getting what I want is scary. 
Sometimes fear is a savior.

by Regina Walker

Copyright 2015, Regina A. Walker

My student papers also continue, so I am going to finish with some music for you.

Let's start with Janis Joplin's "Little Girl Blue" from the Tom Jones Show:

Here is her version of "To Love Somebody":

"A Woman Left Lonely" fits in well here:

I'll finish with her "Maybe":

I may post some poems about Bessie Smith soon; perhaps I will post your poem about Janis Joplin later.


  1. Thank you!
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