Friday, May 22, 2015

Two More By David Pointer

Now that I have entered all my grades for the spring semester, I will be posting more frequently.  Tonight I am featuring two more poems by David Pointer.  These are part of the Mourning and Memory contest.

Smokeless Windjammers

Invisible as a war profiteer, refurbishing
old czar’s extra apartment with wallpaper
                                                      black as
espionage networks forever digging tunnels
retrofuturistically though airmail,       email,

overimbibing on bureaucracy, destabilization
clogging global lens with hallucinatory film

Agelast Syndrome Overtime

Those way over purchased extra-large
                                            foster home
eventually chasing all the kids into
oncoming dash cam collegiality, then
come flexicuffs for the ever rigid

For music, let's listen to parts of Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite:

I'll finish with Nina Simone's "Four Women" and "Ain't Got No/I Got Life."

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