Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#100 -- Poem by Jeri Thompson

The women and music contest takes a new turn with Jeri Thompson's poem inspired by Sia's "Chandelier."

Chandelier… One Interpretation
                               (35 years later, 
                                            for Sia)

I was the girl
Hanging onto the night
Clawing at the moon and stars
To stop their rotation.

Stoli on the rocks, six nights a week,
Dim Hollywood haunts,
Did nothing to blur the mirror’s
Lazy-eyed gaze back
At everyone’s good-time call.

Party girls don’t get hurt?
I gave myself away so many times
Looking for my treasure within strangers
Drought-fisted fingers and empty upturned hands.

I don’t give up easily (stubborn? probably), yet
All the bottomless cocktails and swinging from chandeliers
Did nothing to quell the rage of solitude
Inside all those vast, star-filled nights starving for touch…
Then next mornings with hangover-eyes, searching for my keys
                                                                                 and panties.

Tomorrow always comes, even if you don’t see the sun.
We all find our way, eventually, mapped out
In the gaze of that lazy-eyed stranger in our own mirror.
Soon, but not soon enough, you will no longer need the night.


This poem previously appeared in Cadence Collective (December, 2014).

And here is Sia's "Chandelier":

This video is quite eerie.

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