Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to Daniel Snethen!

Finally this evening I am publishing the Great Plains poet (and biology teacher/researcher) Daniel G. Snethen's poems.  (He is primarily based in South Dakota these days.)  I have traveled through that region but never really stopped there, so it's interesting to read poetry that is informed by that part of the United States.  Certainly, as a poet, biology teacher, rancher, and researcher into the American Burying Beetle, Daniel has much insight into nature. 

an old yellar day
boar coon attacked my blue-tick
cross on Pepper’s grave


have four blind eyes,
poked out with a needle—
bound with Momma’s black sewing thread:

Christmas colored leaves
white poison ivy berries
fatal fall foilage

gentle April rains
robins feed on fresh mown lawns
earthworms in mourning

glowing northern nights
Aurora Borealis
Alaskan light-show

gyroscopic winds
cottonwoods bend, groan, and snap
Dakota cyclone

myriad snowflakes
kaleidoscopic crystals
promises of hope

ornate box turtles
kangaroo rats and yucca
Nebraska’s Sandhills

Let's add Freddie Hubbard's "First Light" into the mix:

"Red Clay" refers to another region's soil, but I think it fits well with both "First Light" and Daniel's pieces:

I want to continue with Milt Jackson's "Sunflower":

I'll finish with Ahmad Jamal's "Blue Moon" and "Invitation":

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  1. Very nicely done congratulations Daniel G. Snethen,best wishes,angelee