Sunday, July 10, 2016

Welcome to Jazmen Bishop

Tonight I'd like to welcome Virginia writer Jazmen Bishop and her powerful flash fiction to The Song Is...


Every choke got a little harder, his grip felt like he was a pro at this.
So silly of me to think it would stop after the first I’m sorry. His words are what made me stay, words that can now be called lies. The hands loosened, and for a while there were smiles but behind the smiles were hurt pain and anguish. Soon the words tightened up and soon they hurt worse than the sweaty hands on my throat. The tearstains turned into permanent bruises. Bruises turned into bad memories and there is no erasing those the bad memories turn into hateful filled holidays. Still I stayed, praying that things would get better. And now what do the kids have to remember their once close-knit family? Silence, silence kills all.


When I heard her voice I began to cry. 
Who would have ever thought hearing her voice would affect me in such a way.
It had been years since my consciousness had let me think of her.  But unconsciously I thought of her every day.
I could even reminisce on her unique smell of warm cocoa butter when she entered the room. It was a fight with my inner self to mutter the three words that I needed to say to her for once and for all.

Author Bio

Hello my name is Jazmen Bishop.  I have been writing for over twenty years now.  It’s my one true passion.  I love to write short stories and I dabble in poetry.  I write more realistic fiction short stories.  I hope to complete an autobiography very soon.  I run my own Facebook page as well entitled Jaz-Mania (   I love what I do and I hope you love reading my work.  I am 26 and I live in Virginia with my children.  I hope to leave my mark in society and in the writing world one pen mark at a time. 


Tonight I'll post some songs sung by Phyllis Hyman.  The first is "Living in Confusion":

Next is her "Living All Alone":

I'll finish with "I Refuse to be Lonely," the title song from her last album:

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