Sunday, August 16, 2015

D.V. Rozic

Recently I posted Croatian poet D.V. Rozic's translations of Slovenian poet Dmitrij Srkr's entries in the summer music contest.  Tonight I will post Ms. Rozic's own work, two villanelles.  It's always good to meet a new poet and see a different form of poetry.

Summer music will never fade away

Summer music will never fade away

always with me, at the day's break and its end.

It will carry my soul on a moonray.

I ignore those who envy, devour, flay!

Deaf and blind they are not, they just pretend.

Summer music will never fade away.

It will not reside somewhere in the gray,

it will not be forgotten, colorless friend.

It will carry my soul on a moonray.

I'll snug up to it warmly as I hug the Milky Way,

to every man I shall give it, commend.

Summer music will never fade away.

I shall present harmonies to a child at play,

obey the birds and our songs will surely blend.

It will carry my soul on a moonray.

Rocking it tenderly, for beauty I pray,

in front of its crown I'll bow, humbly bend.

Summer music will never fade away.

It will carry my soul on a moonray.

Summer music warms lone nights

It warms the lonely nights and moonlit snow.

Summer music vivifies my weary heart,

my whole being  tunefully aglow.

When the nightmare monsters bite my dreams, full of woe,

when the ghosts of the past tear my memories apart,

it  warms the lone nights and moonlit snow.

Connected by the breeze, summer chords flow,

cuddling the ocean, tame are the winds of art

my whole being  tunefully aglow.

Singing to a fluffy cloud  on a plateau,

on white Sea Organs I forget Descartes.

It warms the lone nights and moonlit snow.

As I climb and fall, in the mud lying low,

each initiation enlightens a poisoned dart.

My whole being  tunefuly aglow.

Misery, nothing new, only quid pro quo!

Shall I depart or have another fresh start?

It warms the nights and moonlight snow

my whole being  tunefully aglow.


A short bio:

Djurdja was born in 1956 in Croatia, where she lives.
She graduated from the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb,
writes prose and poetry and has published 18 books so far.
She is a translator and chief editor of haiku magazine IRIS.
For her work she has received a number of awards in Croatia
and abroad.


My husband is playing Grant Green's The Latin Bit in the other room, so I am going to post some of the songs from the album.  Plus, these songs will get you ready for the fall contests!

First is his version of "Besame Mucho":

Next is "Mama Inez":

I'll finish with "Brazil":

I also want to add Sonny Rollins' "St. Thomas" since this is a particular favorite of mine:


  1. and you might look up Llebene where naive yugoslavian art is made on the peasants who farm and live there

  2. and there is a beautiful author , Chayyim Bialik who wrote about trees...p. 106, Aftergrowth, Excerpt About his vision of trees...
    half shaped and formless, looking less like trees than like queer outlandish animals such as ape, monkey, camel, pard or siren or demons and night onsters and centaurs of the elementals who had been ocndemned to be inarborated, so to say, fixed, like nails to their places forever to make men wonder and terrify all those who passed through the wood by night.