Sunday, January 21, 2018

Glen Armstrong Adds Some French Flavor

Tonight, with his tribute to Francoise Hardy, Glen Armstrong reminds us that the category of musicians born in the 1940s includes more than members of the British Invasion or Americans regardless of genre.

Prewritten Requiem for Fran├žoise Hardy

Streets crisscross predictably,

but I still end up lost.

Fran├žoise Hardy sings as if male bodies

are nothing more than a way

to interrupt motion


There’s a word for the rain that turns

to fog,

but it’s difficult to pronounce,

just as there’s a word

for the thin layer of television

that gives way to dreams

that split the difference

between the dreamer’s

deepest desires

and that which distracts

the dreamer from the same.


"Tous les garcons et les filles" takes us back to 1962:

"Voila" is from 1967 after she acted in films and drew the interest of Bob Dylan and others:

"Soleil" comes from the next stage in her career:


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