Saturday, December 31, 2016

Juan Tituana and Vera Drozdova

Happy New Year, everyone!  Tonight while people are doing retrospectives of music, movies, and more (especially lists of people in memoriam), let's return to the fall with Juan Tituana's photographs and Vera Drozdova's poems.

Vera Drozdova

I Drink You
As if they are just flower leaves
I tear off enigma's vestments
Life – so unreal and so careless
Like stars, like clouds with no mist
As if they are just flower leaves
I tear off enigma's garments
Word after word – all new and charming -
Your gaze, your hand, your tenderness
I tear away my flower leaves
And earthly love is staying bare
A stranger's soul is gleaming, glaring
So close – like never in old days
I tear away enigma's skin
Kiss your forearms with all my passion
Confusing words, imagination,
I drink you, so - you flow within
I drink you and I drink your love
Drop after drop - so slowly, gently
And love is dark, unlit and tranquil
The confidante of all gods
As if they are enigma's leaves
I'll tear off my passion's garments
To drink you - as you are - unguarded
I drink you - let you flow and drift

© Vera Drozdova 2008-2016

Vera Drozdova · 

I Will Drown, I’ll Go Deaf
I will drown, I’ll go deaf
In my summer I’ll come to my fall
To the last sigh of grief
I will waste you, my love, - past recall
I will ruin, disgrace
You, my love, my vacant, empty church
Not to wait nights and days
Just for you, not to endlessly watch
In dishonor again
I am wiping the spits of my fate,
They are teasing me, then
My light days, they are slipping away
Chasing after the truth,
Sadness, loneliness – my only kin,
Tenderness, joy of youth
Are not easy to find within
Why so silent, my life?
Look – a willow bends over the blues
Soul – just like broken glass,
I will take the last splinter of you
I’ll trip over my hope,
Weeping yet in a pointless way,
On a planet ice-cold
Distant voices of friends fade away
Why so silent, my life?
Are you tired to run to the fall?
To the last bitter bite
I will waste you, my love, - past recall
Leaves of fall in the warmth
Can I see them and readily greet?
All hard feelings are burnt
But my heart is still thrashing in heat
From my heart’s burning heat
The light smoke rises so very high
Not a gift – but a hit
I will get under grey-haired sky
Wasting earthly delights
To the last jagged piece – past recall
Why so silent, my life?
Too afraid of the rains of my fall?

© Vera Drozdova 2016

Vera Drozdova is a Russian poet currently living in Moscow.  She’s been writing poems since she was 8 years old.  Some of her works have been published in magazines, newspapers and some song lyrics have released in CDs.  She has one poetry book published as an independent author and has won some poetry contests.  Vera likes to collect and read poetry books and meet new people from diverse backgrounds who share her love for poetry.

Juan also sent me some music to post with his photographs and Vera's poems.  The first is a link to Australian jazz musician David Lewis Luong's autumn jazz: 

Here are some autumn songs from Van Morrison:

If you'd rather dance, here is an autumn dance mix:

Happy New Year!

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  1. The first of your poems herein is super. Congratulations, Vera, even as I again wish for you, & yours a happy, & peaceful 2017.Cheers!