Monday, January 25, 2016

Pijush Kanti Deb (and His Poetry)

This evening I'd like to post some new poems that the prolific Indian poet Pijush Kanti Deb has recently sent me.  Let's leave behind the snow in the Northeast to explore Pijush's world.

An Ascetic Pretends…
               By   Pijush Kanti Deb

Maybe, an ascetic is not at all
a member of the bellicose’s club
or is not by any means
happy to be defined as a biped
it’s ought not to be censored
if he pretends himself
to be a bovine-
a ferocious dodger
against the stirring of the red eyes
at his peaceful existence,
to be an effective antidote
for assimilating the hemlock
used by the conspirators
against his own-produced nectar,
to be a wise retaliator
for turning the poisonous arrows
thrown to his paradise into boomerang
against their haughty acceleration
and it’s ought not to be misunderstood
if he sleeps sound
hanging some pieces of frightening tits
on his open doors and windows
against the suspicious outsiders
who loiter around his sweet home
carrying some pieces of aggressive tats.

Let The Cat Out Of Bag
           By Pijush Kanti Deb

Our canoe dances
on the blue stage of a mid-ocean
following the rhythm of the singing waves
as they have met after a long time
and we-
me and my pretty wife,
the two love-birds feel good
in enjoying
the pleasing expression of their sizzling emotion
sitting on our own bags,
kissing each other
and swearing  too
in the name of love
to be attached together always
ignoring any change of time and situation
as we are fearless
to open our bags and let the cats out of these
to fight against the probable calamity.

A Few Pages of Our Love-Story
          By Pijush Kanti Deb

No doubt she is beautiful
to attract the flock of honey seekers
and wise too
to turn her heart to good account
and to take time by the forelock
the prompt ensnaring
of the sun and the moon
to brighten her days and nights
and of the blossoms
bloomed around her protected domain,
to fill her open air and sky
with soul-soothing scent
and in my case,
I am enchanted
in her first round of demonstration
on the floor of my lonely life
and mesmerized
to her first ray of blazing beauty
first aroma of blooming virtues
and first smile at my bewitched eyes
my watches to sneak away
from my wall and wrist
my three entities-
body, mind and soul
to exchange themselves together
to buy her wonderful heart
and myself to start conceiving and writing
a few pages of our love story.

Pijush, by the way, has just started a new blog-zine, Poebita Poetry Magazine:

I encourage you to take a look at his site.  I also encourage you to send in poetry for the fall/winter contests.  We have just a few days to go until the contests' end.

I'm not sure how much Art Tatum or Johnny Hodges I've posted, but I think that they would be worth including tonight.

Here Art Tatum plays "All The Things You Are":

With Ben Webster, he plays "Where or When":

This is Johnny Hodges' "All of Me":

We'll finish with "Isfahan":

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