Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Summer!!

And here is another summer poem, "Seaweed on the Beach," also from Of Sun and Sand.  I think that this is the one my father prefers as it is wholly about York Beach and it's shorter.

Seaweed on the Beach

Reds, greens, browns, and mustard yellow
add earthy undertones,
the taste of miso,
to the neons, the overexposed
blues and whites and yellows,
the painted plaques and t-shirts,
the stick candies and salt-water taffy
sold at the gift store.

The rusty Irish moss
on this beach
will not turn into
anemones or coral
or even amber sea glass.
Like the seagull accents
wheeling in the wind
past summer,
the moss remains.

Enjoy the pictures.  The picture above is an old time picture of York Beach.  BTW, my grandmother used to go up there, but the picture above predates her trips up there.  The pictures below are more contemporary.  One is of Long Sands, and you are able to see Nubble Road where my parents lived.  You can't see their house, though.  The one below is of Short Sands, the beach in the center of town.  

The waves at Long Sands are actually strong enough that you often see surfers there.  However, you see them in the winter, fall, or spring, not so much the summer.  Of course, they are wearing wet suits.  My brother, though, went into the water one Thanksgiving...without a wet suit!

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